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MenuGuruS is on a mission to make the world more efficient. By helping restaurants lower their costs in multiple ways we help everyone live a longer healthier life.

The simple act of self ordering allows restaurants to manage their establishments more efficiently. Digital ordering saves the customer time the restaurant labor and makes the experience better for everyone.

Deforestation in developing countries is still a huge problem. Not only do dead trees not clean the air water they also don't preserve wildlife for future generations. Our parent company DW Alliance LLC plants alot trees. Once we have a few more customers on our system we will also start planting trees. The local communities around deforested areas also suffer by the loss. Supporting local communities to replant the forests in these countries helps restore clean air and clean water to them and to us. We don't know how to stop clear cutting but we do know how to plant a tree.

MenuGuruS practices what it preaches we run very efficiently utilizing the latest in cloud technology so that our fees to our clients are so small that they are barely noticed.

The MenuGurus team has worked in financial transactions and high technology, developing tools for event management, scientific research and media distribution. Now we are leveraging the power of cloud computing so that everyone can benefit from the technology already in their hands.

With a team of talented programmers and an intimate knowledge of core cloud technologies MenuGurus has developed a secure transaction platform to put restaurant menus on a customerís smart phone and take orders in real time. Technology can address complex problems and drive scientific progress - it can also smooth the frustrations of everyday life.