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It is more convenient for your customer to use their cellphone or your tablet to order food than it is to wait on your staff to get to them.

Enlightened Ordering

MenuGuruS puts your menu on your customer’s smart phone and provides seamless integration into your POS.

Customers place their own orders freeing up staff to prepare food and concentrate on service. You can present your menu with all the options available as well as promotions and specials. Not only do you save on staff time, you can see an increase in customer spend. Even multi-language menus are supported to improve the customer experience.

With fast, efficient ordering you can serve more customers at busy times, and make changes on the fly to optimize your menu. The unique user experience is a positive differentiator for your service and will draw more customers.

Empowered Customers

Customers scan the QR code and download the menu in an instant. The technology to order and pay is already in your customer’s hand.

Customers like to place their own order with time to browse all options and without the pressure of a line. They can take advantage of recommendations and add the extras that make their order special – and more profitable.

Their positive experience is readily communicated and shared using the tool in their hands.

Seamless Integration

Using cloud technology, the order is processed through your POS leaving you and your staff to concentrate on food preparation and customer service.

MenuGurus integrates into your existing workflow with whatever printouts and displays are necessary. You just save time on taking the order and the payment. The single-handed workflow of a food truck becomes routine. Or the detailed communication with the kitchen is automatic. All of the tracking and monitoring for a more efficient business is preserved.

Reliable and Secure

Integrate with your existing payment options and service tools. MenuGuruS sophisticated software architecture is compatible with any common POS and device – and meets PCI security standards.

Your customer can use PayPal or most Credit Cards for the fastest service. You can integrate with your existing payment options or add a card swipe for more flexibility. All the payments are handled directly by the financial providers, bypassing the MenuGurus software. The resulting transactions are seamless and secure.