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Each restaurant, food truck or deli or other eatery will need to accomodate their guests many needs and desires. Our technology allows you to serve the clients in many ways. 


Tablets are great because they have large screens that display more about your menu faster and more graciously than a cellphone. Tablets are more expensive and must be cleaned between each guests use. Paper menu's have always been disgusting and tablets are possibly far worse.  Imagine your guests chile wiping their nose with their fingers and then swiping to the next delicious menu item. Did that child or adult clean their hands after their restroom visit? What exactly went from the tablet to the clients fingers to that french fry or that clients face? So it's really important that sanitizing tablet between each guests usage is done.


The cellphone is a personal device that it's up to the client to keep clean and will generally only have their germs on it. The screens are smaller but with todays very high resolution they still do a great job of displaying your mobile optimized menu.  Most adults and many teens will have their own cellphones which they are very itimate with.  We follow industry norms and standards so average time to learn our technology(your menu) is 22 seconds based on tests with people ages 10 to 55. We are working on interactive voice menu's but at present tablets and cellphones lack the processing power to consistantly understand guests in the restaurant environment.



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Last Updated Feb 12, 2012

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