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Make the World Better

Menugurus will give back in many ways.

  1. Menugurus will allow most of the worlds restaurants to operate more efficiently. Less waste directly turns into less strain on the limited resources of our planet.
  2. Through our API hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs will be able to get access to our clients. These new businesses will tackle thousands of different challenges and take advantage of thousands of new opportunities that a global open network will offer. These indpendent and small dev teams will need hundreds of new services to support them. Everything from QA, integration, payroll, general accounting, legal and to many things we cannot imagine.
  3. DW Alliance which is MenuGuruS sister company has planted about 24,000 trees over the last 4 years by donations to Trees for the Future. In ten years we hope to be planting about tens of  billion trees per year. This should offset the roughly 14 billion trees per year that are presently cut down and allow for the normal 70% failure rate of the new trees planted.
  4. We are not making a service to make money. We are making money to make the world better. We don't ask for gifts but we do know that by simply uploading your logo, selecting appropriate colors and uploading pictures of your delicious food you are improving your clients experience and your business.
  5. Our pre-ordering feature has a powerful side-effect. If enough of your clients use the pre-ordering feature your business only needs to buy the food it has already sold. This has huge potential in controlling your costs.
  6. Our integrated communications features and hyper fast menu updating system will allow food vendors to communicate things like by catch and or over production to you with real time pricing so that you can update your menus with new specials and culinary oppurtunities for your clients. Imagine a fisherman just outside the Golden gate catching more crab than what he has sold or more capacity than he has for his live tanks. Instead of dumping the crab or having to risk loosing it from improper storage he communicates his fortunate circumstances to restaurants in his group that then update their menus and notify everyone of their previous guests that have a taste for crab. This can all happen as the carb pots are pulled from the water.
  7. When space is not an issue and focusing is your friend your able to make menu's specific to your diverse clients many needs. People are becoming ever more health conscience and they want their favorite foods and restaurants to stay on their menu. 500 calorie menu's, menu''s that cater to religious doctorine or medical needs. Food that is truly accomodating the patron.
  8. What happens to the waiter? We have gotten this question a lot. Do you like waiting on the waiter? Do you like having to interrupt a waiter because you have to? Do you like waiting to get your check? Do you like waiting? Our technology allows your waiters to luv their jobs even more because they spend more time connecting with your clients. The technology takes the order and passes it the kitchen the technology communicates with the waiters to let them know where you are at in your meal and what they might do to help facilitate the dining experience. Our technology will do several things that the waiter does now, far far better then they ever will. The technology will never be able to replace meeting and greeting the clients. The technology will not be able to make a personal connection with the clients. Imagine if Google had a real personal assistant to help you and how much better each search would be. Now imagine your restaurant without the waiters? Our technology helps get your clients orders to the cooks, nothing more but far faster and more efficient than what your waiters can do.

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Last Updated Feb 01, 2012

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