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Differences Between Menugurus Order System and a Shopping Cart


An online shopping cart lets you add an item and set the quantity of that item and will then email the website owner the order. Our restaurant order managenent system is a bit for more focused on the restaurant industry. It allows the end user to select an item then adjust it. Such as allowing the user to select upsell or optional items such as avocado, cheese, curly fries or tartar or rare. The options are as focused and intelligent as most the options that most waiters can give. An example if you select the steak dinner the system will default the options that you have set but will allow the end user to select the options that best suit them. Steack Dinner, tri-tip, t-bone, sirloin, rare, medium, tartar, bread(white, wheat, sour doe, rye - toasted, grilled with butter, grilled with garlic butter) or potatae(fries, baked(sour cream, butter, cheese sause, bacon etc) .. you can add as many options and sub options and options of those options as you feel comfortable asking. Our system takes care of making it user friendly. Online shopping carts just don't do that. Also our system displays that order to your cook or bartender in the kitchen or behind the bar and alerts the cook to the order by a buzzer. Your manager can monitor and or override things as needed and the waiters also have their page that allows customers to interact with them and be alerted when a pickup is needed.


Significant Differences ....

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Last Updated Feb 14, 2012

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