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Purchase food through Facebook

Let your customers buy their next meal directly from your app in Facebook. We help you make it happen. Check out the recipe below.

  1. Login to facebook with your account
  2. Go to APP
  3. Press create new app at the top right
  4. Put an app name for example: My Restaurant Name
  5. Put an app namespace for example: myrestaurantname, this will determine the app url.
  6. Press save and you will be redirected
  7. In this new page write down the App ID, the App Secret and the Canvas Page as you will need to enter them on menugurus in step #12. But not worry as you may come back to the APP and see these values.
  8. Click on App On Facebook at the middle of the page and put: (this is very important and please note the http vs https difference)
    1. Canvas URL:
    2. Secure Canvas URL:
    3. You can get this urls from menugurus restaurant manager, just click on the restaurant and then in Urls.
  9. Save changes
  10. Now at the left side menu click on Auth Dialog. Its recommended to put a:
    1. Subtitle for example: My Restaurant Name
    2. Also put a Summary for example: Lets you order food online.
    3. Also put a explanation for permissions for example: This app will allow you to order food and recommend your friends about some restaurant.
    4. Click on save changes
  11. Now at the left side menu click on open graph, then enter the info like this:
    1. People can: 'order' a: 'dish' then click save
    2. Then keep clicking 'save changes and next' until is done.
  12. Then go to menugurus restaurant manager page and in the third party integration section please put the App ID, App Secret and Canvas Page that you wrote down in step #7. Press Submit.
  13. Finally access the app at: Replace myrestaurantname with what you put in step #5

Note: If you have multiple restaurants you can do this for each restaurant.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Don't forget market your app!

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Last Updated May 24, 2012

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